Selection of Auspicious Dates for New House

Selection of Auspicious Dates is always an important part for Feng Shui (Chinese Metaphysics) to bring the effects to the fullest.  It works like an activation for the Positive Energy to Flow into your life, as well as dispel of Negative ones.  It’s also meant for you to leave behind your old (bad) luck and to acquire new (good) luck.  The new luck will bring prosperity to your family and bringing you one step closer towards success in life.

These are some example of important dates in your life that you can’t neglect.  Wedding dates, including the betrothal (Guo Da Li) to ensure that the couple has a blissful marriage.  Registration for a new business, opening dates for office or new outlets to ensure a booming business ahead.  Moving into your new house to bring good luck and wealth to the family.

In This Article I will be mainly talking about the 3 important dates when you have gotten a new house.

First Date: The date to open your door and entering your new house for the first time.

It is very important what kind of energy or luck you are bringing into your new house for the first time. This energy/luck will remain in the house and start to have effect on your current life even before you have moved into the house.

Second Date: The date to kick-start your new house renovation.

If you do not wish to have accident or bad incident happen during the renovation, selecting of an auspicious date is the right way to go.  Any accident or bad incident will not only affect your house renovation progress, but it will affect the house energy/luck permanently as well.

Third Date: The date you and your family moved into your new house.

This the most important date among the 3.  This day must not clash with any of the family’s member natal chart staying in it.  This is to bring the most harmonious energy/luck into the new house for the final time before moving in.  Its effect is so strong that, it could refresh the luck of the whole family once they have moved in and settled down.

All the dates will be even more perfect when it’s accompanying with their specific ceremony.

So next time when you are engaging a Feng Shui Master for your new house Feng Shui Audit, remember to ask whether the package include selection for the main auspicious dates.  Do remember to have dates selected based on your family members natal chart.  Do not use the auspicious dates stated in Tong Sheng, it’s only for general use not for specific events or activities.

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