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Yijing Divination Academy (Online Lessons) 2018 Official In-Take are open, Lessons will be conducted in Live Video, Recorded Video and Notes. We will be opening a English Class and a Chinese Class. Do indicate which language you are interested in comment and we will pm you the sign up information. Payment will be by Paypal or PayNOW for Singapore Student. Enrollment end on 30th Nov 2018 08:00hrs Singapore Time.

象易2018(线上教学)正式开放,教学会以现场直播,录影和讲义方式进行。 我们将开设英语班和中文班。请在评论表明你有兴趣哪个班,我们将向您提供报名课程的讯息。 现只收Paypal或PayNOW(新加坡学员)付款。 报名截止日期至2019年1月22日早上8点整新加坡时间。

Yijing Divination Academy 2018 Course Introduction

易经理象数学2018 课程简介

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