Bazi(八字)is a system to understanding a person's character based on the study of the Five Elements Theory(五行)

Yijing Bazi Episode 1

Based on your birth date and time, you are able to plot your Bazi Chart aka Life Chart to look into the relationship of the elements and ’Gods' that govern your life.

Yijing Bazi Episode 2

Detailed analysis can also explore your connections to your life, fortune, wealth capacity, relationships, health, career and personal status or even partial destiny of people close to you.

Yijing Bazi Episode 3

Your Decade Luck and Annual Luck will also react with your Life Chart and will further explains your achievement and preparation needed for the future.

Yijing Bazi Episode 4

You have missed it in the past but don't miss it this time!

Follow Master Ivann into the World of Bazi!

Yijing Bazi Episode 5

Yijing Bazi Academy 2019

Green is Basic, Purple is Professional and Yellow is Mastery

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