Yi Wisdom Prescribe Luck Enhancement Pendant


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What does it mean by Prescribe?

A person fate is pre-heavenly destined, and we use the tool “Bazi” to decode and analyse on the strengths, weaknesses, gaps of a person lifetime.

The Pendant comes with a set of Heaven Stem and Earth Branches to fill the gap in your Pre-Heaven Bazi Chart and Current Decade Luck.

The Prescribe Luck Enhancement Pendant can’t change your Pre-Heaven Fate, but will fill your gap in your Post-Heaven Luck, it will be prescribe personally by Teacher Ivann based on each individual Bazi.

This prescription will be done along with an 15 mins Online Consultation with Teacher Ivann by making appointment through email.

Is the Pendant consecrate?

Teacher Ivann will be infusing energies into the Pendant for consecrate activation, so that it can start accumulating and dispelling necessary energies for enhancement.

What are the Pendant Size and Material?

The pendant is around 1 cm width*5 cm height*0.4 cm depth, and is made of stainless steel with engraving.

How is the shipping like?

The postage charges are as follows: SGD 5 for local delivery in Singapore, SGD 10 (RM36) for delivery in Malaysia, and SGD 35 (USD25) for overseas delivery.



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